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Leverage the power of insight for marketing effectiveness.

Lurpak Cooking Liquid and Cooking Spray were two new SKUs that required some development. Using Sila’s insight, we developed a programmatic approach to influencers that was measurable. This resulted in a 60%+ increase in sales, while no other promotion activity was running.

Lurpak MENA
for Lurpak Cooking Liquid and Cooking Spray

Is your marketing struggling to hit its mark?
Let Sila's AI craft the perfect influencer or marketing strategy for you.

Learn something new about what influences your audience every day. Influence is not about followers. It’s about having persuasive power and connecting strongly with the customer.

Bring your audience insights to life with Influence powered by Sila and win over Arabic speaking consumers like never before through creative campaigns and influencer outreach.

Influencer campaigns that resonate and are measurable.

Use the power of Sila to know how to reach the right audience, at the right time, in the Middle East.

Influence powered by Sila’s experts manage the process for you from selection, to contracting and reporting. All using the power of the most advanced language-focused AI in the Middle East.

Join some of the world’s largest brands in trusting Sila to deliver real, measurable, impactful results.

Marketing campaigns designed for effectiveness.

Knowing your audience is just half the job. Sometimes there needs to be a way to reach them effectively.

Using Sila’s unparalleled audience tracking along with insights from our own Research team, we’re able to brief any challenge.

Then Sila’s influence team works with marketing leading creatives to deliver on-message, effective creative that moves sales.

Influence powered by Sila is a leader in influencer marketing in the Middle East. Why? Sila's AI. It makes influencers more transparent and measurable.

Are you worried about potential fraud or just nervous about putting your brand in the hands of an influencer? True influencers have spent time creating communities and usually, the right ones, never put that at risk.

By using Sila’s advanced algorithms, you can measure trust, audience affinities and overlaps to make sure your message is landing right, the first time. Then as the campaign goes along, use Sila’s power to report in real time the impact the campaign is having.

It’s the Sila advantage.

Focus on the results, not the road.

Thanks to Sila, our influencer reporting leads the region in transparency. Metrics like impressions and reach mixed with audience insights like affinities and personality make our reporting powerful and insightful.

As a marketer, this allows you more time to focus on other things while knowing that technology is keeping your spend effective.

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