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Audience-first influencer campaign management

July 8, 2020

Let’s face it. This Ramadan 2020 was a little different.  The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay home without having the chance to celebrate the holy month with their loved ones, nor in the usual settings. It was important to select and manage content creators underpinned by solid insights. Even more than ever before.

Initially in this series, we focused on how a typical approach to creator (influencer) selection works. Then, we described the D/A Way and the introduced the importance of using data science in creator selection and campaign management.

What about the second edition? Well, we outlined the methodology behind the creator selection and  the importance of these metrics.

A typical approach
So let’s take a typical brief for a campaign that D/A recently worked on.

For creator management for Ramadan 2020, it was clear from the data below that togetherness was a major focus in the G.C.C, bearing in mind the many other unique attributes of the audience during the COVID-19 times, the next step was finding creators who matched.

Graph Togetherness Digital Ape Ramadan

Given that Ramadan in 2020 was unique, cooks needed to be reassured that they will bring joy through their creations, and through this joy, comes hope.

To show the audience how the brand can be close during this tough time, we launched a campaign to describe how cooks bring hope, and good cheer. Done by cooking good food with Lurpak by their side every moment in the kitchen. This created food that looks as good as it tastes.

Working with 20 influencers specifically chosen on their real-reach, resonance, relevance, we inspired people with recipes that had a story behind them that created an emotional connection to the campaign. We wanted to bring hope and happiness to the families despite the difficult times. The campaign was launched to support the message and spread some joy at home with good food. Content was posted by the creators on IGTV, Stories, Newsfeed, YouTube, Snapchat, and Tik Tok.

Lurpak Ramadan 2020 Influencer
How did we execute?

We took a 4-step process with the creators:

  1. Intro of the video – A story-based build of the recipe and why it’s important.
  2. Prep – some step by steps and call to participate as well as reminding the audience how food brings hope.
  3. The recipe including asking people to comment about their food success.
  4. The feedback – the joy it brought and what came from the comments.

Aside from impressive metrics, the content show-cased the impact home cooks can have on families. The majority of creators over performed compared to their average, in terms of videos views and also total engagement, both on IG and YT. There were nearly 7 million engagements from all creators and a maximum reach of over 32 million. This accords with the right audience reacting to the right content at the right time – a task that is almost impossible without audience intelligence.

Qualitatively, creators also emphasised the quality of Lurpak Butter and how integral it is in some recipes, introducing product benefits aside from the societal benefits. Followers admired and loved the creators’ stories behind their recipes and overall videos, while expressing that they are craving the recipes of the creators after seeing the content. This matched our previous insights showing Baking recipes are growing faster than the cooking ones. 

Importantly. If creators are not selected based on cutting-edge data science for their Real-reach, relevance, and resonance to the brand/product, the consumer passes by to those that do take advantage.

Creators must be managed to promote the benefits of the product they are promoting, whilst also being true to their own authenticity.

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