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  • AI-powered market research. Elevate your insights with Sila.  

    Harness the power of Sila's advanced market research tools, including Brand Pulse 360, TrueTrends, and Digital Audience Segmentation, to make better business decisions.
    Sila: AI-driven market research merged with human expertise.

    Designed in the MENA region, for MENA researchers. Sila is beyond just social listening; it’s about truly understanding. Gain unparalleled insight into Arabic consumers with our cutting-edge technology.

    At its core, Sila employs advanced AI, ensuring accuracy and speed. With our Arabic-native AI natural language processing, you don’t just connect—you understand. Dive into an expansive data pool as Sila accurately deciphers dialects and sentiments in Arabic (and every other language), guaranteeing that nuances aren’t lost in translation.

    Partner with Sila and leverage our tools for diverse research needs such as:

    As seen in:

    Track evolving trends with precision.

    Wondering whether plant-based food is a passing trend or a long-term investment? Sila’s got your back.

    Analyse historical data and observe the lifespan of trends to differentiate between a fleeting phenomenon and lasting shifts.

    Our interactive dashboards paired with insightful reports equip you with decisive information, facilitating swift business decisions.

    Segment smart, understand deeply.

    Gain an edge with Sila’s advanced audience insights. Explore various segments with our ready-to-use audiences at your fingertips. Curious about your standing against competitors?

    A few clicks and you have your answer.

    For bespoke requirements, our state-of-the-art machine learning and data science techniques deliver comprehensive reports, spanning panels from hundreds of thousands to specific niche groups.

    Dive deeper in the brand health analysis.

    Sila’s AI dives deep in analyzing your brand performance combining survey-based and digital insights to ensure a full spectrum understanding of your brand status.

    With Sila you will deep dive into a consolidating understanding of your brand equity, with a deep analysis from awareness to loyalty.

    You will get to know your audience demographics and personality insights, with an understanding also of the competitive context.

    Tap into the power of Sila’s AI to elevate your brand’s journey.

    Transforming research with technology.

    Embrace Sila’s natural language processing capabilities—a breakthrough in AI—to analyse data, discern emotions, and derive personality insights.

    All of this, natively in Arabic and multiple other languages.

    Market research needs a tech revolution, and Sila is pioneering this change, crafted by researchers for researchers

    Get in touch to see what Sila can do.

    We work with market insights teams across the GCC and beyond to help better understand their consumers across the Arabic-speaking world and beyond.

    With Sila’s experienced team, we’ll help you understand what we can, and can’t do and demo how we’ve helped other organisations just like yours open up their market research world through the use of technology.


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    Revolutionising Brand Monitoring with AI

    June 10, 2024

    For many years, brands have turned to traditional methods of brand tracking to gain insights into their awareness, reputation, and consumer loyalty. This approach has been instrumental in providing valuable insights into consumer perceptions and prevailing market trends. This approach, however, often fails to provide brands with the full picture regarding their brand health and…

    Nuanced Understanding with Sila’s Hero Product, Digital Listening & Performance

    May 20, 2024

    Understanding consumer sentiment and market trends is paramount for any brand success. Sila's Arabic Native AI solution, Digital Listening & Performance, is the cornerstone of our Social Understanding Suite. This innovative tool, empowers brands to delve deep into market insights with unprecedented accuracy. Key Tool Features Precision Listening Sila's Digital Listening & Performance tool enables…

    Understanding Arabic Consumers with Advanced Insights

    May 5, 2024

    In our interconnected digital world, conversations in Arabic unfold with rich complexity. 70% of online Arabic conversations are done so in more than 20+ Arabic dialects. This is where Sila steps in, offering a comprehensive understanding of Arabic-speaking consumers worldwide with deep, precise insights rooted in the unique nuances of the dynamic Arabic language. Sila…