Customer Experience (CX)

20+ dialects. Accurate sentiment. On-point emotion. Nothing lost in translation. That’s our AI.

Know your customers’ pain points, what they’re happy with and what you can do to make their life easier through your offering.

We track the public and social web, from reviews to comments, to better understand your customers.

Our AI platform uses natural language processing to understand what your consumer feels, thinks, and says about your brand.

Utilise Sila’s technology to better understand their feelings towards your brand, experience or offering and use the insights to develop solutions to improve or maintain your CX efforts.

Understand the power of the social & review web.

Using the power of natural language processing, we understand what customers are saying and what they feel. All in Arabic, ensuring you can better communicate with your customers – improving experience, retention and satisfaction.

By matching data from the review platforms, media (blogs, news and forums) and social media, we can build an accurate profile of how your consumer thinks and feels.

Leverage insights to create better experiences.

Data is only as good as what you make of it. With our transparent and concise dashboards and reports, you can be assured that outcomes will be actionable – meaning you can run your business successfully.

Our experienced researchers and strategists can then deliver compelling narratives that will help you align your teams, your digital offerings and most importantly, your customer strategy to enable success.

Drive audience behaviour and engagement.

Sila can help you better position your product or service through insight gained from sentiment, emotion and topic data. This data from Arabic-native AI (in English, too!) enables us to see the bigger picture.

Drive audience engagement through advanced insight that allows refining offerings from experiences across the digital and physical worlds. Your marketing, sales and operations team can work more efficiently with more robust engagement.

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