Audience insight you can actually use

Understand your customer and what matters to them with Sila.

Sila processes millions of posts a day to understand your audience better. Using natural language processing and AI, Sila makes audience insights fast, accurate and reliable.

Understanding what matters to your audience, whether a brand, a media house or content creator, is critical to understanding more reach.

With Sila’s predefined and custom audiences, you can see their demographic profile, language (dialect) interests, personality and affinities. Make smarter decisions armed with the right knowledge.

For example, know what’s important to your brand, competitor and category and develop communications to leverage that knowledge. 

All in one place and at the click of a button, only on Sila.

Leverage audience first to put your audience, well, first.

By understanding key demographics you get a clearer picture of who your audience is online. Mix key demographics with interests and suddenly your audience comes to life. 

Smarter targeting backed by even more intelligent data. 

Understand the personality of your audience.

Cut through the noise by understanding what your audience’s personality traits are like. Using modelling developed by IBM, and made better by Sila’s data scientists, we analyse millions of people to understand their personality, needs, values and consumption preferences.

Sila gives you a better picture of who you talk with.

We make complex insight simple. Leveraging the power of AI, mixed with human research, and simple visualisation, we cut through the clutter to deliver the information you need, fast.

Ever been disappointed with social listening or consumer intelligence platforms that either seem too complicated or don’t give you what you need?

That’s why we built Sila. Frustrated with the lack of clarity, insight and usability, we’ve simplified data to be useful. After all, Sila’s AI has been built in Dubai for MENA marketers.

Using our unique workflow, we understand what you need and make sure the information required will be at your fingertips, always.

Leverage audiences to power your messages.

Whether communicator, marketer or researcher, Sila’s audience reports help you land better in the MENA region. 

From demographics, to issues and personality, you’ll know what really matters to an audience, when and how. All that’s left to do is craft your message.

And, if you need help with that we do that, too.

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