Influencers: An evolving form of media

May 18, 2022

For the past few years, brands have increasingly embraced creating connections digitally with the consumers through influencer marketing.

With the continuous evolution of Social Media platforms and media trends, influencers (or as we prefer to call them, “Content Creators”) are becoming a form of media, and media performance is measurable. 

One of the main questions being asked by brands when launching an influencer campaign is: how can I ensure a return on investment? How can influencers support me with real data?

Where should we start?

On digital-first, where consumers can be individually tracked. This type of media consumption is now regulated by consumers, who choose what they listen to and who they trust.  

How can we do this?

Followers relate to the creators they like, and they listen to them. Telling the right story to the right target audience is the basis of Influence workWe can measure the influencer campaign’s ROI by using real-time data that allows us to track content while the campaign runs and adjust where needs are. This eliminates the brand’s fear of wasting money without a good Earned Media Value.

Influencers’ content tends to resonate better with consumers since it is considered more authentic. This can result in higher brand engagement and improve overall conversion rates.

Trends such as podcasts can play an interesting role, allowing brands to grasp the opportunities that podcasts offer to engage their communities more by working with influencers to talk about their products/services within the awareness phase of the purchase journey. By now, the consumer got curious enough to visit the brand’s website or online shopping store.

Social Media

When we look at the social media platforms, they have already rolled out social commerce features such as product catalogues or live shopping. Therefore brands can collaborate with influencers to create genuine product recommendations targeted at the beginning of the purchase journey. This is where influencers come in with their power of recommendation to boost sales.

To support the sales cycle, creating videos such as unboxing or how to, influencers share product information, helping brands target consumers at the consideration phase of their purchase journey. This leads to the conversion phase where brands use influencers in promo code campaigns, affiliate programs, or even 360 activations with QR codes to purchase products for a chance to win.

Influencer marketing is rising, becoming a scalable strategy for driving brand sales. No matter what, today is a great day to start creating your influencer marketing strategy. 

Sabine Khoury – Client Services Director

D/A specialises in influence marketing. Powered by Sila, AI-enabled consumer intelligence technology, D/A can continually monitor and analyse the true value of influencing conversations with the brands and audiences engaging with them. 

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