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May 30, 2022

Human personality is a complex subject, but an important one, as it makes each individual unique. This individuality, idiosyncratic characters and different manners in which we interpret and respond to situations comes from varied experiences we have had growing up. 

From a marketing and brand perspective, what makes understanding personality important, is that the unique combination of long standing traits and patterns influence behavior, thought, motivation, and emotion in a human being impacting choices and decisions they make. Access to insights on personality essentially means data that enables brands to influence consumer decisions. 

Personality insights include an in-depth understanding of characteristics, needs and values… the key guiding principles of human behavior. Characteristics describe how an individual engages with the real world, needs describe which aspects of a product resonate with people and values describe motivating factors that influence a person’s decision making. 

Unlike self reported personality tests, today there are models that generate personality insights with very high levels of accuracy. For instance at D/A the method used to arrive at personality insights reflects the latest trend in research about personality inference. It is based on a well-accepted theory of psychology, marketing, and other fields, that language reflects persona, thinking style, social connections, and emotional states. The frequency with which people use certain categories of words can provide clues to these characteristics. Several researchers found that variations in word usage in writings such as blogs, essays, and tweets can predict aspects of personality.

There are multiple use cases of personality insights, for example, in the real-world D/A leverages these insights for client partners to improve customer experience, develop communication that resonates better with their target audience, digital marketing for sharper targeting, customer acquisition with quality lead generation, effective messaging and developing nudges that influence decision making. 

For each of the use cases, the personality insights reported infers personality from textual information based on an open-vocabulary approach [psychology of language] in combination with a data analytics algorithm, resulting in high accuracy data that lead to effective business decisions. 

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Faisal Khan, VP of Products. D/A.

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