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What cooking content does best on TikTok in the GCC?

November 8, 2020

We couldn’t resist digging into our data once again to learn more about the world’s most viral platform. It is safe to say that, at this point, you’d be living under a rock if you’re yet to hear about ByteDance’s TikTok that “has been rewriting the world”. F&B brands usually find it quite difficult to pick the most suitable content for their brands and match that with the best performance. Here, we crack the code of cooking engagements and video views.  So, what cooking content does best on TikTok?

The Problem

A new platform comes with new challenges. However, with brands, trial and error is not an option. Investing big budgets only to get an error is never ideal. With the continuously growing hype over TikTok, brands have shifted their interest in ROI on this wonderful platform and are keen on gaining the most out of it.

So how exactly do F&B brands gain the most out of their TikTok investment?

The Data

We dug deep into our platform, Sila, and analysed thousands of TikTok videos. The content analysed here is sorted by eating times- so, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When looking at views and comparing them vs interactions, the results are quite eye-catching. Breakfast and dinner performed way better than lunch content. Keeping in mind that breakfast and dinner were posted about the most in 2020, lunch content saw its peak on both Eids with traditional food recipes.

Interactions vs views over time
Interactions vs views over time

Breakfast content brought in the most interactions and highest amount of video views. While breakfast dominated views throughout the year, Dinner has started to gain popularity as of late with September peaking in interactions.This proves that while dinner performs quite well in terms of engagements – breakfast is always the safe bet for food advertisers on TikTok. Breakfast content was viewed 6 times more than dinner on average and gains 20% more interactions.

@m911فطور رايق❤️#فطور#روقان#فيروزيات#تصويري#اكسبلور♬ الصوت الأصلي – ممدوح الخالدي

The Solution

Here is Digital Ape’s creative advice

Pick your recipe and choice of words well on TikTok (not to mention, of course, visuals).

Depending on the type of campaign being put together, if a higher reach is your main target, go for breakfast content as it gets viewed and shared the most – and in most cases will bring you the best engagements. If engagement is what you are looking for, then go for dinner content. And well, if the campaign you’re launching is in Eid, then go for a traditional lunch recipe.

@ranoosh_sami#اكسبلور #فطور#فطوري#تحضيري #فيروز#تصويري #السعودية #الرياض #سوريا #اكسبلور #صباح_الورد#اكسبلور #♬ الصوت الأصلي – #أردنيه 🇯🇴

About The Tool

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