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Ramadan insights for 2021: A DEconstructing series webinar replay

June 10, 2021

D/A held a webinar to share insights garnered from our Sila tool and interpreted by our D/A Labs team. The focus of this was to understand better what happened in the consumer’s eyes during Ramadan 2021 in Saudi Arabia & the UAE.

DEconstructing: Ramadan 2021

D/A Paul Kelly was joined by Dr James Piecowye from Zayed University in Dubai. James is also a prominent podcast presenter in the UAE. The webinar’s purpose was to discuss these changes and, as brands, how we can better understand and empathise with our consumer’s preferences. Ramadan 2021 was the focus, but also it looked at how the consumer might change across the year.

Watch the recording, and below is a summary of the event.


The webinar, hosted by D/A’s head of growth, Jess Noble, examined the macro consumer changes and micro changes of Ramadan 2021. This focused primarily on how Ramadan 2021 differed between 2020 and what H2 might hold for 2021.

Paul presented statistics showing how confidence in the economy and their jobs is framing the rest of the year positively. He discussed how platforms are changing at speed, often at the expense of understanding how people truly behave.

At the end of the presentation, a fireside chat about data and what we can learn from big sets of information. Additionally, James also discussed how understanding Arabic is crucial for any data processing in the GCC because language is so important.

If you would like a download of the slides presented, please send an email to info[at]d-a.co.

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