How is Ramadan affected by Healthy Cooking Trends?

July 12, 2020

Ramadan. A time for fasting. A time for family. For spiritual rejuvenation. Gratitude and consideration. Also, there has long been a conversation around health and Ramadan. When it come to healthy eating trends during Ramadan, is there an increase in healthy cooking content and engagement or is it a little more complicated?

It would be easy to send out consumer surveys, but this opens up to huge bias. Basket analysis has its merits. At times. That said, how do you know how the food is being prepared? Is it fried in chip fat or grilled? In that sense, the Carrefour chicken fillet morphs, and can be the friend of the cross-fit athlete or the enemy of a fully functioning cardio-vascular system

Sila, DA’s proprietary tool, has analysed; over 33mn posts, 16bn video views, 4bn comments from around 8k key creators (influencers), which led us to find out that we are, as an overall trend, leaning towards the more traditional healthier foods over the last 2 year. 

As we previously discussed healthy cooking IS on the rise, and has been, almost exponentially, since the start of 2019. Healthy food content rose by a third in the lead up to Ramadan 2019. From the first week of Ramadan 2019, to the last, healthy food dropped 80% as the large family meals of the Holy Month set in.

Healthy Eating Ramadan 2019 Digital Ape

Now let’s move to Ramadan 2020. We constantly monitor content in the sector and, even before the recent Ramadan, we have seen a 50% increase in healthy content in 2020.

Healthy Eating Ramadan 2020 Digital ApeImportantly, healthy food content dropped by around 40% across Ramadan 2019 and 2020, but does not match latest, yearly trends. As seen above.


Mirroring our prediction, Ramadan cooking trends are more resilient to macro level, socio-economic factors than thought. With cooking, the emphasis on purely healthy food content should take Ramadan into consideration as a seasonal anomaly.

This methodology should be applied to statistical analysis across the market, It can be easy to not see the wood from the trees and miss out on daily, weekly, plus recurring trends, outside of the norm. This is where constant monitoring of content comes into its own.

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