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Food content & COVID-19: the month we cooked more than Ramadan.

April 28, 2020

Ramadan 2019 was a period that saw content consumption at record levels in the Middle East. Similarly, with the assumption of more cooking from home globally than the norm during the current lockdown, we have asked ourselves; surely the current lockdown didn’t eclipse Ramadan 2019 for food content creation, engagement and consumption?

As part of continuing research of the top food content creators (influencers) on Instagram; D/A analysed millions of related posts, engagements, and relevant Google search data, there is clear indication, that in fact, surpassed all previous months on record.

Sila, Digital Ape’s proprietary software, has led us to find that the average GCC Instagram user has hungrily consumed food content at an even greater rate than Ramadan 2019, a usual period of intense focus in the food industry, and an unheard of level of consumption.

Engagements Video Views March 2020 Ramadan 2019

Going slightly deeper, we are tracking key ingredients during recent times and have noticed stand out trends.

Hosts Foods Growth 2019 Q1 2020

As well as being aware of new budding chefs, food companies should take into account that this is a challenging period for even the more experienced of us in the kitchen. The audience is yearning for ideas, innovation, and help at a greater amount than ever before.

Even more so than Ramadan 2019!

Brands should also be aware of key ingredients, trends, and produce content with an audience first approach during this unprecedented time.

About the data

DA has built a custom data warehouse service called Sila, powered by data science we turn that raw social data into actionable insights.

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This article first appeared on a LinkedIn post by Digital Ape’s James Revely.

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