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G.C.C Trends: Everything is Cake!

August 18, 2020

Adapt and overcome. Very applicable these days. With recent social changes on a macro scale like never seen before, homemakers have indeed been forced to adapt. 85% of people say they have changed their food preparation habits. This has opened the door for those with creative personalities to exhibit their skills in the kitchen. Or, as discussed in April, those new explorers into the kitchen experimenting with new challenges.

Traditional, in the food industry research panels are set-up to get an idea of how the purchased food is being consumed. Sila, Digital Ape’s proprietary tool, thus far, has analysed; 33mn+ posts, 16bn+ video views, 4bn+ comments from around 8k key creators (influencers), which led us to stay on. the pulse of the latest digital trends in the G.C.C.

Everything is Cake

One of the stranger trends to emerge out of the bottomless Santa sack that is social media has been Everything is cake. Seen so many vids of cute dogs in rain coats on social that you you want to run a dog shelter? Why not a bulldog cake instead!

Bulldog Everything is Cake

‘Pass me an egg’ ‘Sorry, i’ve only got an egg carton…that’s actually a cake!’

Egg Carton Everything is Cake

When used to such a degree, fondant, the icing behind the magic effect, isn’t always the best tasting. That said, it makes for some really stand out posts that attract mesmerised users to to a content creators platform.

Underlying Trend

What has been pushing this trend? In the first week of July the quantity of creators and their posts in the G.C.C was high. This was to match the increased output in baking across the board, as discussed in detail. 

Baking Creators v Posts GCC


Digital trends of this nature come and go faster than most can track. Once the initial, major trend, (in this case – baking) works through its audience, there will then be secondary effects. If brands are to make the most of the full scope of consumer demand, they must tailor make their message. They can do this through campaigns by creators who have their finger on the pulse with relevant content.

Digital Ape

DA has built a custom data warehouse service called Sila, powered by data science, we ingest millions of data points a day across social media and the web, in Arabic. 

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