Digital Ape: 2018 MENA Digital Awards winners

July 2, 2019

Digital Ape has walked away with four awards at the MENA Digital Awards 2018, held in the Dubai Design District (D3) on 12 December 2018. The awards are recognition for the award-winning agency’s focus on data-driven insight-based campaigns for:

MENA Digital Awards are a digital advertising-focused awards programme. The awards reward innovation, effectiveness, and creativity on digital-first campaigns for brands across the Middle East region.

These wins build on the previous awards in 2017 for Lurpak and very strong client returns on all of our campaigns.

“It’s great to be recognised by the industry for our work with our clients, especially on such data-driven campaigns that delivered great results,” Paul Kelly, Chief Knowledge Officer of Digital Ape said. “Winning MENA Digital Awards is special, but what’s even better is creating engaging campaigns that are digital-first, and deliver real effectiveness for our clients,” Kelly added.

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