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Saudi Back to School sentiment update

August 19, 2020

It’s Back to School in Saudi, but not as we know it. The season has grown new legs and become a complicated thing for parents. The implications are varied and can’t be thought of as merely a physical return to an establishment.

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We’ve been updating our initial back-to-school sentiment report for some time – here’s the latest information.

Saudi Sentiment
Below is a snapshot of the varied positive and negative feelings among families in Saudi. Negativity still prevails.

KSA BTS Sentiment Graph

We do, however, see positivity has grown exponentially up to August.

KSA BTS Sentiment Time

Saudi News
The relevant peaks and troughs in the data are, in part, due to the many releases being shared about back to school in Saudi, across platforms of day-to-day updates.

A key moment was the news that Saudis will mostly not be back to ‘school-school’ for at least seven weeks. (U.A.E will have a little more flexibility.)

As a measure of forward sentiment, this will have a potential effect on purchasing behaviour during the Saudi back to school season. There are also the varying schedules to contend with, as well as additional household stress on the caregivers.

Current data shows that positivity is on the rise, but with news coming on a daily basis on a national, regional, and academy level, means families will have different perceptions and feelings of how they can go about their daily routines.

However, we’re seeing a level of positivity not seen for many months as the economic stresses begin to subside and normality slowly returns.

Honing the messages, then, to audiences becomes critical during the Saudi back to school season, and likely beyond.

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