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Understanding Influencer Marketing and how to do it right.

December 8, 2020

As we close in on the end of quite an eventful, yet somehow seemingly uneventful year, one thing remains invariable, influencer marketing. Although it has been the main talking point across the marketing sector over the last few years, 2020 was quite different.

With TikTok taking over in some demographics, and almost everything turning digital, consumer-influencer purchasing power has been stronger than ever.

Here, we take an in-depth look on influencer marketing and how Sila does it differently.

Understanding Influencer Creator Marketing

To begin with, at D/A we call them ‘creators’. This is because when you harness the power of a true creator, you reach their community, shift opinions and influence decisions. And that’s where you get the true definition of influencer marketing.

Content creators are defined as creators of online/offline content who have the power to affect purchasing decisions of consumers. They also have a following (whether big or small) from an audience that share similar interests with them and who they actively interact with.

Forbes defines influencer marketing as a relationship between a brand and an influencer. The influencer creates content to promote the products and services created by the brand.


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D/A and Creator Marketing

Over the years, multiple social media tools have been created; however, none of them were precisely built for the Arab World.

With over 10 years of experience connecting brands to influencers, and having used dozens of tool, we had grown frustrated with the lack of Arab-world compatibility of these global tools.

To completely eliminate these issues, we created our very own Audience-first analytics tool that we call Sila.

Introducing Sila

Sila is a proprietary data system that uses models based upon Arabic dialects, we see their audience’s reactions, their other influencer affinities, and brand affinities.

Those models allow us to build on previous capabilities to see the audiences’ age, gender, location, and engagements.

To read more on creator averages, benchmarking and creator selection, click here.

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While other tools may produce the latter, Sila is able to accurately (with ±4% margin of error) sample all Arabic dialects and English within the GCC to understand how people talk about specific topics, using natural language processing – so it doesn’t rely on a static dictionary, and filters out the ‘noise’.

This is possible across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

Creator & Brand Affinities

This being said, a unique feature to Sila is creator and brand affinities. When looking at the profile of a specific content creator, Sila, is able to identify other relevant content creators and brands. This is done through the AI which identifies followers of these creators and what other pages they follow.

In addition to the affinities functionality, Sila is also able to sort creators by their niche. This helps connect our brands with the most relevant content creators out there.

Brands are connected to the best performing macro or micro-influencers in their field of interest. As an audience-first analytics tool, we are able to understand what performs best, look into the most recent trends and identify the conversation-drivers. Over a million posts are captured daily into Sila and are sorted by category.

Knowing those audience affinities has become particularly important as we have found that there are certain creators who constantly show up second or third in the audiences’ preferences. In other words, depending on the required reach, there may be a 2-4-1 elements that can be adapted through integrated creator strategy.

To illustrate, in our below example, 9% of our subject creator follow H&M (Brand), while 33% also follow @danyahshafei.

Top Creator Affinities
Top Creator Affinities
Top Brand Affinities
Top Brand Affinities


Finally, planning and executing a campaign is never simple, we believe its a science led process – definitely not an art.

D/A brings both the Arab-World’s most powerful tool and years of expertise on the table; helping creatively connect brands not to creators but directly to audiences. To learn more on our process of campaign creation, click here.

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