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Employment in KSA: Positivity starting to increase again?

November 26, 2020

It is no secret COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on the business world. The pandemic took over consumer conversations and increased negative sentiments around the industry. From investments to employment, the pandemic has been the main focus across the GCC for months. It is safe to say, the business world has been hit by a storm. However, with things slowly recovering, it seems that the KSA – after the UAE – is starting to see some light.

Finally, positivity is starting to increase again.

The Problem – Uncertainty

Well, with uncertainty comes negativity. With job markets on an all-time low, it is evident that spending habits had started to change. Consumers stopped spending money and started saving.

Initially, the tourism market was the first to get hit heavily but that did not stop there. As a result, this has led to a spread of negative sentiment. Consumers are worried, they have been complaining and panicking about their uncertain future.

The Data – Employment positive sentiment is increasing

As the situation is changing slowly; but surely, the economy is starting to gain back its shape. The UAE as a start has gone quite close to normality; with schools back in place, employees back in offices and tourism open and accepting visitors. The UAE (Dubai in particular) has gone back to full functionality.

On the other hand, the KSA is on its way to that too. New rules are being put in place, including a 40.6% increase on minimum wages of citizens working in the private sector,  things are slowly starting to look up.

With good news spreading, and as Saudi prepares to lift all travel restrictions by the beginning of the new year, consumers are becoming a lot more positive.

Employment sentiment in the KSA
Employment sentiment in the KSA

Nevertheless, after a huge shift towards negativity about employment in March with 48% positive vs 52% negative sentiment, November 2020 saw the highest positivity rate with 72% vs 28% negative sentiment.

The Solution – Time to advertise

Finally, as the positive sentiment towards employment is rising, we predict that it will continue to rise even further as we approach the beginning of a new year.

The drop in uncertainty and increase of positive sentiment amongst the consumers will let them start returning back to their Pre-COVID spending habits.

Using audience-first data, Digital Ape believes that this is the right time to advertise to the KSA public who will start to spend comfortably and freely.

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