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Top Food Creators of 2020-how have they reacted to COVID-19 and Ramadan?

May 14, 2020

It wouldn’t be the biggest over-exaggeration to say that our behaviour may have been modified a speck over the last few months. We have turned to digital to communicate, laugh, cry, love, and purchase, more than ever before. Top food creators (influencers) have been quick to react.

Viral Cookalongs CreatorsQuestion: What patterns can be derived from their output and how can food marketers anchor the insights to support their advertising strategy?

Contrary to the norm, where campaigns are based on social listening tools that merely focus on key words in feeds, Digital Ape focuses first on 1000’s of creators, filtering down to key accounts in necessary sub-sectors, as required, to focus on how they move the needle in our digital world. 

We have witnessed several, stand-out trends across top creators in the food sector that have been welcomed by the audience. Firstly, we have already published articles on how baking creators have reacted by increasing their content and including recipes such as cakes, breads, banana breads, etc.

Also, top creators have been posting live cookalongs that have been eagerly awaited by Instagram audiences. These sessions can also involve collaborations from chefs or other key food creators online. Additionally, these sessions involve elements of Q&A, which help to engage the audience and allow them to really get to grips with the individuals’ cooking queries. 

As part of campaigns which take into account the changing landscape of COVID-19 and Ramadan respectively, we have seen a heartwarming trend of creators highlighting the hard-work that mothers are doing in the kitchen during these testing times. The best brands have been quick to react by spreading this message, whilst also giving the audience helpful advice of how to better utilise their products.

Hala Kazim Puck

Interestingly, as the huge increase in global downloads has shown, TikTok’s influence has increased massively, and the food sector in the Middle East has been no exception. Many key creators’ Instagram posts are now merely adapted, republished links to their TikTok content. We know based on the below data that key creators’ output on TikTok has increased over 3 fold, which skyrocketed even before the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Tik Tok Growth Q4 2019 Q1 2020

Brands can take advantage of the changing landscape by involving creators as part of their strategy. A sound overarching plan involves utilising the creators’ previous methodology and adapting minimally to suit the needs of the brand. This allows the brand to gain exposure whilst keeping authenticity.

Latest tools to engage the audience with the product have to be taken into account. Part of this is to be aware of current trends and occasions that catch the users attention.

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