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Sila Consumer Sentiment Index.

Get the pulse of the GCC consumer.

The Sila CSI is an AI-driven Index of leading indicators of Arabic consumer sentiment in the GCC countries.
Leverage the power of D/A's AI to better understand your consumer, and what their hopes and fears are.

Published monthly via email, and quarterly with a report, D/A’s Sila Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI) is an index of how consumers feel, at scale, on a number of topics around the economy, employment and private business.

We’ve collected over 60mn posts that can drive deep knowledge about consumer hopes and worries about the future, and what it might mean for enterprise and governments alike.

Published monthly in email form, with easy to follow links, open your eyes to sentiment understanding at scale.

Arabic consumer sentiment, at scale.

D/A’s Sila is an Arabic-native, AI-enabled consumer intelligence platform. D/A uses Sila to apply AI to social data to discover patterns and trends that lead to helpful business insights.

AI makes sentiment understanding more accurate, particularly when native languages are analysed. Sentiment relies on natural language processing to understand the context of a post or comment. Coupled with a native Arabic dialect understanding, one can accurately assess a post’s sentiment, emotion, or tone natively in Arabic.

Leading indicators of change.

  • The Sila Consumer Sentiment Index for the GCC works through:

    • Ingesting over 100mn data points from consumers (excluding news) across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.
    • Using Arabic-native AI, Sila then determines consumer sentiment across a range of topics from the economy, business and employment to an overall reading.
    • D/A’s team then offers unmatched insight and commentary on the trends to enable you to make sense of what consumers are feeling in each of the markets.