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GCC Sustainability: 2022 and beyond

Consumers, government and business: what do they think?

The largest-ever assessment of Arabic-speakers' opinions about sustainability in the GCC.
With over 400k people, 900 brands and 180+ government authorities, get the definitive view of ESG.

Thanks to the immense scalability and accuracy of the historical data of Sila‘s AI consumer research platform, we’ve undertaken a larger-than-life assessment of the current state of sustainability in the Gulf.

The result? The most extensive study done on sustainability in the GCC; the findings analyse:

  • Community: 3.4mn posts on sustainability from 422K unique users →To align your efforts with your audience, understand what matters to them most.
  • Government: 38K posts on sustainability from 180+ Government entities → the Government influences the future course of the sustainability conversation, see where they are taking the discussion forward to make your plans future-proof.
  • Brands: 36K+ posts on sustainability from 900 brands in the region → know where the corporate has their sustainability efforts directed and how well aligned they are with the community and government interests.

Sustainability is a fast evolving subject, are you on top of the trends?

Environmental sustainability conversations in the public domain have been about consuming clean and green. It’s undeniable that there has been rising interest in topics relating to ESG and sustainability across people and the private sector. And guess what? The Government is redirecting all their efforts toward sustainability initiatives to varying degrees of success, depending on where you are. Are you leveraging the growing buzz on climate change yet? Is there even a buzz?

Our sustainability report tackles all these issues by examining various ESG topics to understand the connection between the public, brands and Government.

Know if your sustainability efforts are in line with what really makes a difference.

What we expect from consumers as brands is very different from consumer priorities. Brands focus on environmental sustainability, but real people focus on social sustainability. Philanthropy, health, equality and empowerment are still closest to reality, is your brand as close to the ground reality?

Find out who is driving the sustainability conversations.

There is an increase of more than 100% conversations on sustainability now as compared to that in 2019 and these conversations are primarily led by Saudi with 50% of them less than 30 years of age. Know more about the people to be able to talk to them in their language on topics that matter to them.

Interested in more? get in touch.

Sila’s Sustainability Report is produced from a study that analyses data natively in 21 Arabic dialects from over 3.5mn sustainability conversations without intervention. Fill in the form and get a demo today of the report and add-ons that can change the trajectory of your 2022.

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