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    GCC Travel Trends: 2022.

    Understand a new era of travellers with Sila's GCC travel trends report.

    “Travel has moved from something that we took for granted to something that, now, we really need,” Paul Kelly, managing partner of Dubai-based consumer-insight company Sila, told Arab News. “That’s something that came through in this analysis: This huge pent-up demand — the emotional side of traveling has changed a lot.”

    Where are they going, What are they looking for, and how have their travel behaviours changed?
    Travel experts across airlines, agencies & tourism entities will benefit from the key insights this report explores from over 2mn unique Arabic-speaking travel consumers’ conversations.

    The report covers all 6 GCC markets: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

    The GCC Traveller report is designed to reveal how Arabic travellers are looking to embrace travel in 2022:

    • Starting with a macro study of the GCC state of travel and what are the attitudes towards travel in a post-pandemic reality.
    • Deep dive analysis of individual markets ‘intent to travel’ and destination mapping.
    • Market-specific travel profiles are detailed by personality, giving travel brands the key to producing detailed targeting and messaging for segmented audiences.
    • The report captures key, actionable insights and strategy starters and Sila provides the opportunity to customise this report to a specific: Target Audience, Market or Topic that is of particular interest to your organisation.

    It's time to understand travel behaviour better in the GCC.

    The report will allow travel experts to connect with and lead the growing GCC travel audience.

    While outbound tourism from the GCC means tens of billions spent in the destination countries, it also presents an opportunity for entities within the originating countries.

    The topic of travel is growing exponentially in the GCC – it’s time to understand the conversation.

    Find out attitudes for better CX and targeting.

    Following a disastrous year for the travel industry in 2020, public sentiment was low when it came to feelings surrounding the economy and travel prospects.

    However, 2021 saw the public sentiment sharply increase to an overwhelmingly positive response towards the economy and travel.

    The Travel study explores how world events, news cycles and government restrictions have effected how travel is viewed and what mind-set Arabic travellers are currently in.

    Play our webinar of the Travel Report findings.
    Get a quick overview of the latest insights you will find in our GCC Traveller Report.

    Changing intent among ages.

    Intent to travel changes between demographics and can shape the way we talk and package travel as a product.

    An overwhelming majority of travellers are looking to travel for vacations. It is all about escaping and breaking free from the caged feeling over the last couple of years.

    A need to turn to nature and culture, to a place that in ‘unlike home’ – to escape and discover new things to fill the void of newness experienced over the last couple of years.

    Find out attitudes for better CX and targeting.

    Destination mapping looks at a demographic level breakdown of where GCC travellers are planning on going. This will affect both intra-GCC tourism as well as outbound tourism planning.

    2020 began the worldwide boom of the staycation. According to Google search trends, between March and April 2020, a sudden spike in searches for ‘staycation’ occurred worldwide. We saw those patterns repeated in GCC.

    Therefore, it should come as no surprise that so many from GCC countries are now looking to vacation locally.

    Interested in more? get in touch.

    Sila’s Travel Category Report is produced from a study that analyses data natively in 21 Arabic dialects from over 4M social travel conversations without intervention. Fill in the form and get a demo today of the report and add-ons that can change the trajectory of your 2022.

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