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    The Ramadan Shift 2024

    Gen Z and Millennials are changing how Ramadan is embodied.

    The Ramadan Shift.

    Discover the evolving landscape of Ramadan through Gen Z and Millennial perspectives in our latest Ramadan 2024 report.

    Download now.

    In the tapestry of cultural observances, Ramadan stands as a beacon of spirituality and tradition for Muslims worldwide. However, as time unfolds, so do the dynamics surrounding this sacred month, particularly among the younger generations.

    This report delves into the evolving landscape of Ramadan, focusing on the shifts observed among Gen Z and Millennials. Through a comprehensive analysis of social media discourse and cultural trends, we uncover how these demographics are reshaping the essence of Ramadan in the digital age.

    Spirituality, connection & charity drive youth as much as other generations.

    When examining core topics associated with Ramadan, the strongest topic is the spiritual connection that Gen Z and millennials feel towards the Holy Month.

    Not only is entertainment, family and feasts part of the popular discourse, but so to are Ramadan-focused activities.

    Sila’s research shows that in fact, the strongest connection is still with the spiritual connection with the observance of Ramadan. However, the spirituality-quotient vs. last Ramadan has dropped by 4%.

    Here are some of our key findings:

    1. Spiritual Tempering: Despite the whirlwind of modernity, the core of Ramadan remains rooted in spirituality. This year, there’s a notable increase in the expression of hope and desire for a better future, often manifested through prayers (Dua’a).

    2. Nostalgic Yearning: Gen Zers exhibit a curious nostalgia for a past they haven’t directly experienced. Their longing for the close-knit Ramadan experiences of older generations hints at a yearning for cultural continuity amidst rapid change.

    3. Financial Realities: While budgetary concerns persist, Millennials seem to bear a lesser burden this Ramadan compared to the previous year. This shift suggests potential changes in the context of traditional rituals, with less financial strain enabling new modes of expression.

    4. Social Shift: The centrality of family gatherings in Ramadan is being supplanted by the importance of friendships, especially among the younger demographic. Hosting friends and sharing moments together now take precedence over traditional familial customs.

    5. Media Consumption: From gaming to sports and movies, Gen Z’s Ramadan activities reflect a significant departure from conventional norms. Social platforms like TikTok overshadow traditional television content, indicating a seismic shift in media consumption patterns.


    In the ever-shifting sands of cultural evolution, Ramadan stands as a testament to resilience and adaptation.

    As Gen Z and Millennials reimagine the traditions of old, brands and communicators have a unique opportunity to craft narratives that resonate with the spirit of the times.

    By embracing digital innovation and honoring the timeless values of community and connection, stakeholders can navigate the terrain of cultural change with grace and relevance.

    Interested to get a copy of the full report? Download for free now.

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    If you want to stay informed about how society is evolving and changing, subscribing to Sila’s research studies can provide valuable insights that help you stay ahead of the curve.

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