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Travel: When do we think our adventures will kick off in 2020 and what activities will we do?

June 10, 2020

As we enter this New World, it becomes important to deep dive into the period we are willing to travel, the activities we have in mind, when we intend to travel, and the demographic analysis, such as age, therein.

Given, Travel and Tourism has been hit more than most with a predicted 100 million job losses in the industry in 2020, caused by the global pandemic. That said, governments have generally acted quickly with over $15 trillion in stimulus packages across all sectors by the G10 and China alone. (Even with the latter’s policies being notoriously difficult to calculate).

Unlike standard social listening platforms, which generally extracts the popularity of a brand through keyword searches, Digital Ape also focuses on key accounts of those who really move the needle.

We have accrued a cluster of over 8000+ key topic influencers in the GCC. We then sit back and monitor their audiences’ behaviour through advanced data science models and industry expertise within the organisation.

When looking at the data below, we can see the overwhelming desire to get out of the city and back to nature. The Millennials (21-40’s), who mostly live and work in urban areas, are yearning to jump into into green spaces. That said, the same group are also felling the need to learn and take in cultural, and cultural sites.

Graph Planned Travel Activities GCC 2020

Within the 31-40 bracket, we see a specific desire to travel in June and July. However, 21-30’s seem a little more unsure and only see the Summer as their way out of their cramped environments. A factor within that could be the lingering aftermath of student life, when ‘Summer’, is the general term meaning the end of college/university and a welcome break to rediscover free of constraint.

Time Travel Plans GCC Age

When looking at the periods of the year for travel plans as a percentage v age, we do see a push to escape in the summer for the ‘0-20’s’. Although, platforms can’t legally take into account under 18’s. Thus, there are limitations.

Time Travel Plans GCC Age Percentage

The 41+ bracket are also feeling the need to travel in the summer, with, like other ages, very few seeing next year as a starting point for journeys near and far.

In general the feeling of fear at venturing out into the outside world is starting to dissipate, and individuals are forming plans to get out into the world. The main barriers, of course, are only governmental, due to the political formations to safeguard – initially – domestic travel.

Now, travel bubbles are being formed, such as safe travel within the Baltic States. Among many others, New Zealand and Australia are promising to set-up the ‘trans Tasman COVID-safe travel zone’. 

With these safeguards in place; accommodation providers, operators, and airlines should have access to accurate data, which allows the transmission of their offering to a willing customer.

Furthermore, any prolonged extensions to restrictions of movement will have an affect on travel plans and these changes should be closely monitored.

About the data

Digital Ape has constructed a homemade data warehouse service called Sila, utilizing cutting-edge data science, we turn that raw social data into actionable marketing by passing those insights to our Creative Team.

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