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  • Sila for Education

    Revolutionising parent understanding with AI-Driven Consumer Intelligence

    Empower your institution to enagage with parents using Sila's AI. It's simple, fast and accurate

    Experience the power of unparalleled parent and community insights with Sila for Education – a revolutionary platform specially crafted for the evolving needs of MENA’s modern education industry.

    Our mission is to enable you to bridge the gap with your Arabic-speaking and English-speaking parents, providing the most accurate and in-depth understanding of their preferences, behaviours, and sentiments.

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    What Sila brings to the education market.

    Sila for Education brings a variety of unique benefits to your educational institution:

    • Unparalleled Parent Insights: Understand the needs and expectations of parents within your community, whether they communicate in Arabic or English, and align your strategies to meet and exceed them..
    • Arabic AI Natural Language Processing enabling Cultural Sensitivity: Connect with families on a deeper level with our native Arabic-AI, proficient in understanding and analysing Arabic and English dialects and sentiments.
    • Competitive Advantage: Distinguish your institution and outpace your competition through comprehensive analysis of local trends and competitors’ performance.
    • Efficient and Effective Marketing:Optimise your return on investment by making data-driven decisions that enhance the efficiency and resonance of your marketing campaigns.
    • Reputation Management:Proactively cultivate a positive image that not only attracts new students and parents but also retains the loyalty of existing ones.
    • Informed Strategic Planning: Continuously refine your educational and outreach strategies with ongoing feedback and insights specific to your community.

    With Sila for Education, you’re not just adapting to the educational landscape – you’re leading it.


    Packages for educational institutions, large and small.

    Choose from our wide range of packages that best suit your needs within the educational landscape:

    • Starter Sila Suite: Includes Education Audience Insights and Competitor Analysis, with an optional add-on for Sila Trends module, designed to get you started with essential tools for understanding your community. Includes Sila Social Listening and Competitor Analytics, with optional add-on for Sila Trends module.
    • Professional Sila Suite: Provides all features from the Starter Suite plus Reputation Manager and Customer Experience Hub, with an optional add-on for Sila Marketing Optimiser. Tailored for institutions looking to elevate their engagement and responsiveness.
    • Advanced Sila Suite:Offers all the features from the Professional Suite plus Sila Influencer Platform and an optional add-on for a premium support package. Created for those ready to lead the educational market with the most comprehensive insights and tools.

    Each package includes training to ensure smooth onboarding and implementation, allowing your team to fully utilize Sila’s capabilities. Embrace the future of education with Sila. Join us today!

    About Sila for Education

    Sila for Education uses specialised AI-driven intelligence to help you unlock profound insights into your target audience of decision-makers.

    With our platform, you gain a powerful tool that can analyse vast amounts of data, discerning distinctive patterns and trends of your

    Sila analyses every language, and 20+ dialects of Arabic, to make sure you’re understanding the full picture of your prospective students.

    Discover Sila's Unique Features for Educational Institutions

    Sila for Education comes with a suite of unique features, each one meticulously designed to empower your educational institution:

    1. Audience Insights:  Uncover deep understanding of parent insights to understand target demographics, psychographics, and expectations, shaping your admissions and engagement strategies.

    2. Customer Experience Hub :  Understand the needs of both parents and students in depth, enabling you to provide tailored experiences that resonate, build trust, and foster strong connections within your community.

    3. Digital Listening & Performance Tool:  Compare brand’s online presence to competitors, analyzing their social activities and top industry keywords. Monitor public sentiment regarding your institution, managing potential threats to your reputation, and maintaining a positive image that appeals to both parents and students. 

    4. Influencer Hub:  Analyse your digital marketing efforts as well as your online Share of Voice (SoV) compared to your competitor set, offering a complete overview of your digital presence and effectiveness.

    With Sila, you’re not just reacting to the market – you’re shaping it.

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    Sila can help you.

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