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  • Webinar: Brand Pulse 360

    A Complete View of your Brand Health

    Date: November 2, 2023
    Thursday, 11-12:00pm (UAE time)

    About the webinar: 

    Welcome to “Brand Pulse 360,” a transformative webinar dedicated to guiding you on the journey of obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s health.


    What you can expect from this webinar.

    In today’s digital landscape, traditional surveys alone offer a limited perspective. The approach to brand health evaluation is changing, urging a move beyond just survey data.

    Here’s what you’ll learn during this session:

    • Unified Brand Equity Index: Learn how blending survey methods with digital insights, powered by an AI-driven brand equity index, can provide a robust measure of your brand’s health.
    • Bridging the Real and Digital: Discover how the interplay between the tangible and online spheres impacts brand development, from creating awareness to building lasting loyalty.
    • Meet LARA: Your Insights Ally: Say goodbye to bottlenecks in monitoring brand health. Data and indices are updated monthly, and with LARA, Sila’s AI assistant, you can delve into insights seamlessly, GPT-style.

    Scroll down to register and join us and pave the way to a holistic understanding of your brand’s health. The next chapter in brand assessment awaits, offering a thorough and agile approach.

    Faisal Khan, VP strategy & insights

    Faisal with his wealth of experience in Consumer Intelligence has been a strategic research partner to a number of leading brands in the Middle East region.

    He is a big proponent of technology and strives to establish AI-powered Market Research as the cornerstone of informed decision-making.

    In his current role as Vice President Strategy & Insights at Sila, he leverages massive AI generated consumer data to create future-proof strategies for business leaders to outhink and outperform their competitors.

    Register to attend this webinar.

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