The science and scale of norms.

April 17, 2023

Success is a vague term. No? Does a 79% brand equity score or a 82% consumer happiness index or a 1.5 million reach of your campaign good or bad? Do these numbers make your marketing and brand building efforts successful? On the face of it, yeah, they look like great numbers, but if I tell…

Leveraging AI and Sentiment Analysis to Decode MENA Consumers: The Power of Arabic-native Natural Language Processing

April 5, 2023

At Sila, we've observed the transformative power of Arabic-native AI, sentiment analysis, and emotion tracking on marketing and communication strategies in the MENA region. How Arabic-native AI can help. These advanced technologies enable brands to connect with their consumers deeper by focusing on native-language understanding, particularly Arabic-native natural language processing (NLP). Remember that Arabic-native doesn't…

Brand Tracking in the age of AI

March 20, 2023

This article examines how brand managers and those responsible for insights can harness the potential of AI and advanced analytics in digital brand tracking for better marketing strategies. The importance of Brand Tracking In today's competitive market, understanding the health of your brand and its position in the industry is more important than ever. Brand…

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