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Sila Consumer Sentiment Index – QATAR: Sep, 2021

October 5, 2021


Qatar consumer sentiment has ended on a significant down note for the quarter. A second overall drop in Sentiment since the 2021 high of 51 basis points, (barely net-positive) returns sentiment on a downward trend with September resulting in a – 4.3 point drop to 44.6 basis points.

“For the first time in 2021, we are seeing an interruption to the average growth line, with the double drop in overall sentiment interrupting the slow but steady growth pattern. We’re seeing a strong sentiment towards employment still, but with confidence in economy and business not breaking into the positive side of the indices, this is not a stable position”

Paul Kelly, Managing Partner

Qatar has lost even more ground in September with a significant drop of -4.3 basis points in the previous month. The quarter in total dropped by 6.4 points.
The overall view of Qatar’s consumer sentiment remains in a net-negative position (with a small bout of net-positivity in July that was not long-lived).

Employment has seen a huge surge in the first half of the year but has not been able to sustain with little growth in business and the economic sentiment to support it.

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