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Changing Landscapes of Influencer Campaign Management in the G.C.C.

September 1, 2020

Influencer/Creator campaign management. It’s is being forced to adapt to ravenous digital demand. The Pandemic has brought about new challenges and extra focus on the digital world. With this focus comes extra risks of brands losing out in the changing landscape of influencer campaign management. (malevolently or otherwise) Those who don’t leverage cutting-edge data techniques, customised for the G.C.C, will suffer.

Basis of Sila for Creators

As previously discussed, we had made updates to our platform. These allow us to weed out fake followers and provide true R.O.I. Seeing the audiences’ gender, age, location, separate creator affinities within that audience (which other influencers the audience engages with).

What we have Recently Found

Knowing those audience affinities has become particularly important as we have found that there are certain creators who constantly show up second or third in the audiences’ preferences. In other words, depending on the required reach, there may be a 2-4-1 elements that can be adapted through integrated creator strategy.

Data Science and Big Brand Campaign Execution

We then went on to discuss the science behind the service.  Then, relevant examples of how Digital Ape has tailor made creator management campaigns within the G.C.C that showed true value for big brands. 

Sila Creator Service Update-Monthly Analysis

One of our latest updates to our service is the ability to compare likes, comments and engagements across time. Why this this so important? It would be easy to look at averages across time, without cross comparing recent performance.

Focusing on 6 month performance of the creator below, we can see a relatively high amount of posts and engagements for the category.

Sila Creator Influencer Platform Management L6M

That said, taking the below data from an example of the same G.C.C creator below, we can see an average of around just over 2 posts per week with 4.4k likes, comments, and views. This focuses on monthly averages across the last three months. If we were to focus solely on the 6 month data, pitfalls would occur. The extra focus, time, and audience demand available for creators during the Q2 lockdown would muddy the waters.

Sila Creator Influencer Platform Management L3M

Sila Creator Service Update-Authentic Content Creators

Most generic influencer management tools are sold purely as apps. Sila, however, can now integrate unfound creators into platforms. These creators, who have a natural audience, will not have been involved in paid campaigns before, thus creating a true authentic content, rather than registered, paid influencers who potentially have worked with competing brands.

When doing initial, audience first analysis of creators, it is important to observe the data across a time scale from an objective perspective.

All of this forms part of the wider service that links data and over ten years of experience navigating the choppy seas of managing creators during campaigns.

Sila is integral in a wider service, rather than a traditional site, which is made in the G.C.C, by its residents, for its residents. This is essential to meet the demands of the changing world of influencer campaign management.

Digital Ape

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