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How Valuable are Easy Recipes during 2020 in the G.C.C?

July 19, 2020

COVID-19. It has forced many unwanted changes. On the positive side, people are not only cooking more and more, but others are learning to cook more and more.

Intrepid explorers into the kitchen don’t always have the ambition of becoming the next Jamie Oliver. There is a demand for nice and simple recipe plans. That said, we are at home more, taking on the role of pedagogue to the family, keeping fit, as well as working. Is cooking complicated meals the top of everyone’s agenda?

As part of continuing research based on the audience around top, food content creators (influencers) on Instagram; D/A analyses millions of related posts, billions of engagements, there is clear indication, that in fact, the answer is……. complicated!

When observing the preparation process in isolation, there is a huge conversation around simply presented recipe content in recent months. This is no doubt, thanks to the increase in people learning to cook as previously stated from our COVID-19 based insights.

Recipe Prep Ease Focused

Analysing data sets in isolation has its pitfalls. Only around 12% of the overall cooking conversation around key creators is on recipe complexity.

Recipe Prep Ease Full Conversation

There is a market for simple, comprehensible recipe content. Where some elements of the audience are time poor, strategies thereafter should bear this in mind.

Although, the importance within the whole, digital conversation is over-estimated. The intricacies required to prepare certain dishes drives demand for extensive advice for truly useful meal time solutions.

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