Webinar Recap: Market Research in the age of AI

September 6, 2022

D/A’s most recent Webinar: “Market Research in the age of AI” held on Monday, 5th September, focuses on the way in which you can leverage AI in Market Research, an industry that has rather been immune to the Digital Revolution.

D/A’s Faisal Khan, head of research, talks you through how consumer insights that leverage technology are authentic, accurate and accessible. And, like any other technology, there are often myths, the same goes for AI-enabled Market Research, which get addressed as we progress through the talk.

Through this session, you’ll know why,

  • AI-enabled data is NOT social listening and that the use cases span across research requirements
  • Online data is not limited to conversations on social media, but behaviours exhibited across Google, Amazon, Reddit and honestly everything online.
  • Using technology does not mean no human element, human expertise is very much at play.
  • Why access to historical data to real-time data has strategic relevance for marketing decisions
  • The need to stop asking questions and premising decisions on claimed response.


You can watch the full recording below and and experience how AI based consumer intelligence powers marketing, insights and strategy. If you want to reach out, feel free to contact us.


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