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GCC travel consumer insights: A DEconstructed series webinar replay

September 7, 2021

D/A’s second DEconstructed webinar: “Travel in the GCC” held on Tuesday, 7th September, shed light on a new wave of regional travelers and the new world context they are planning in.

The focus was to look at the macro-level environment changes and how that translates into new trends, combined with an approach to microdata on a travel consumer level. This strategic approach to data analysis provided a path for attendees to start thinking about what the travel market return to ‘normal’ might look like for consumers and how to identify and connect with new ‘travel tribes’ emerging in what will become an even more competitive and hard-to convert category.

Watch the full recording with a summary below: 

Summary of discussion: 

Part 1: Introduction to D/A’s ‘audience first’ methodology.

The ambient data collection difference by tapping into system 1 thinking.

Sila and the ability to collect and sort data natively in Arab ic dialects.

Part 2: The Macro of KSA & UAE

Macro changes to consumer behaviours driving consumption choices: Sentiment / Category / Market

Part 3: The behaviour: KSA & UAE

Who is the digital consumer, what has changed and what happened and what can we learn for all categories?

Platform trends – what is happening across the digital channels and what can be leveraged?

Part 4: Personality: tying insight with action

Personality – what can we know about the Travel consumer in 2021?

What does 2022 hold?

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