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Webinar. Deconstructed: Food in the GCC

September 1, 2021

Register now to secure your seat for the third of the ‘DEconstructed’ webinar series; Food in the GCC.

This series is FREE for a limited time and gives marketing specialists across FMCG, Travel, and Finance in the GCC an in-depth understanding of their Arab world consumers.

Tue 28th Sep: 10.30 am (1 hr)

In this webinar, D/A’s Managing Partner Paul Kelly examines ‘Foodie’ audience shifts and new trends that have occurred while consumers move through restrictions, lock-downs, re-opening, and everything in between through 2020 to 2021 in the GCC.



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Webinar Topics: 

  1. Macro view: shopper interruptions during 2019/20. 
  2. Spend (confidence) 
  3. Occasions and how mealtimes have been affected
  4. Food creators & foodie tribes 
  5. Health trends
  6. Food audience consumption behaviour


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